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Application Procedures


The University usually enrolls students in spring and autumn. A new term begins at the beginning of March in spring. In autumn, classes begin in early September. Applicants may request application forms from the International Office of the university one to four months in advance or download application forms from the following website.

The following documents are required for application:

A copy of the passport information page
completed application form
notarized degree certificates and official transcripts (required for degree applicants)
recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors
(only required for master and doctor applicants)
Foreign Physical Examination Form (

The materials mentioned above should be emailed or faxed to the overseas student's admission office beforehand when submitting the application and the originals can be submitted for verification when the student arrives for registration.


Students check the websites and find a proper program

Download the application forms and fill it

Prepare other application documents and scan all

Send to HNU admission office and waiting for the visa documents

HNU admission office checks the application forms and makes the visa documents

HNU admission office sends the visa documents to students

Students take the visa documents to apply an X visa in the Embassy of China

Students book the flight and tell HNU

HNU will go to the airport to meet the students

Visa Application

The applicants may apply for a studying visa (X Visa) from the Chinese embassy or consulate via JW202 application form (visa application for study in China) and the Admission Notice sent by our university. Visiting scholar visa (F Visa) may be accepted for those whose term of study is less than 6 months.